Wax Melts Clean & Fresh – Baby Powder Little Feet – Blue Glitter

[ad_1] A beautiful collection of home fragrance made with fragrances inspired by much loved cleaning products and fresh scents Wax Melts Our Wax melts are in clam shells, but they are no ordinary clam shell! They are made from recycled plastic and they are also biodegradable so can be recycled[…]

Sweet Potato Baby Food Puree – 3 Delicious Ways

[ad_1] This Sweet Potato Puree with Cauliflower, Carrot, and Chia is a delicious way to introduce baby to the irresistible flavor of sweet potatoes! Sweet potato purees are frugal, nutrient dense, and create super smooth and creamy purees. This easy and healthy stage one baby food puree is ready in[…]

Immune Boost Baby Food Puree for Baby + Toddler

[ad_1] A perfect puree to help boost the immunity of your baby filled with carrots, apples, fresh orange juice, ginger and turmeric. This puree will help keep your kiddo from getting sick all season long. #babyfood#puree #immuneboosting #baby#homemade [ad_2]